The 2-Day Method was formulated by me, Chris; out of a need to relieve my long-term chronic constipation. After discovering this groundbreaking constipation relief method (based on ancient eastern principles) I knew I had to get this out there somehow. I knew how stressful it was to be searching the web like a mad man, trying to find some random home-remedy to get rid of the 100-lb brick that is apparently up my butt. Sorry to be so graphic, but that’s seriously what it felt like at some points. 


I wanted to put a method out there that is safe, natural and affordable. This is why I decided to write the 2-Day Method e-book for people like you, perusing the web, searching “constipation cures” in a flurry of fear, wondering if you’ve developed some kind of crazy disease.


I’m so glad you’ve found my site, because now you can stop Googling how to cure your constipation and have in your hands a method that you will ALWAYS have in your back pocket, for the rest of your life. Whenever constipation hits, you’ll know exactly what to do. 


So what IS the 2-Day Method exactly? 


The 2-Day Method is a constipation relief method that takes around 2 days to take into effect. This innovative method utilizes a special type of plant-based fiber that the majority of people have NEVER even consumed before, as well as a herbal blend that is cheap to make and actually tastes pretty dang good!


This SECRET method can be yours for only 7 dollars and 99 cents. You’ll be the new constipation guru in your circle of friends, everyone will call your name when they can’t poop. Imagine the glory, the acclaim! Kind of an awkward situation...but who cares! People need to know about this!


Everyone has a drive to help people and this is my way to pay it forward. 


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