FACT: Pregnant women, non-caucasians, older adults, people who take medications and people who eat little to no fibre are most susceptible to constipation.


FACT: About %16 percent of adults have chronic constipation


FACT: About 33% of senior adults have chronic constipation


FACT: You are considered to have chronic constipation if you have three or fewer bowel movements per week.


FACT: Constipation is not only due to lack of fibre. It could be a side effect of a medication or bowel disorder.


FACT: Sometimes, the food or water from a foreign country can cause acute constipation. Eating all of your food cooked, or applying the 2-Day Method can irradiate constipation caused by change of location.


FACT: Depression can make your constipation worse. 


FACT: Calcium and iron supplements can cause constipation.


FACT: Although coffee is considered a laxative, the dehydrating effect often counteracts with it’s positive effects.


FACT: Fibre matters…the type of fibre you take in can make or break your poop cycle. The 2-Day Method utilizes a special type of fibre that puts your basic soluble fibre supplement to shame.